From Sled Lake to Stark Lake – Northwest Territories, Canada

PART THREE – 24th July

Bernt’s birthday! On this occasion I got up early in the morning and prepared a special meal: Aunt Jemima pancakes with honey! After 3 weeks with almost no treats, it tasted heavenly.

We had to cross a large open area of Tent Lake, and had to wait for the wind to slow down and give us a window for us to cross. Even with dark clouds around us, calm weather soon rested over us, and we got our window. Canoeing in the sun we continued our travel over Tent Lake and finally made it back to Eileen River.  In the outlet of Tent, turning the lake into a rapid and Eileen River again, we see a lot of fish activity. I of course had to insists on testing my fly rod. Though I again and again failed to land a fish, it turned out Tent Lake wanted to give Bernt a farewell presents and a truly great birthday gift. A 6,6 kilos lake trout!

We had a long dinner feasting on the fish, and invented the Lake Trout Bacon. Thin fried slices of trout. Yummy! I kept on fishing (insisting and frustrated by not landing any), and Bernt carried most of the gear over the short portage down to the river. Nice guy.

Canoed about five kilometers down Eileen River, and camped on an island. I had carried a bag of sweets and chocolates in my backpack, and kept it as a surprise for Mr. B’s birthday. Handing it over at bedtime in the tent, we had a great time tasting all the flavors we had not had in our mouths for weeks. But a small portion of the sweets I kept a secret, hiding it in the bottom of my backpack, bringing out small portions on days that was a bit rough. Smart move. Those rare treats turned out to be great motivators.

The nights had started becoming darker. It was still high summer but some few hours of dark meant we had to use a head lamp after 23:30.

Fish caught:

Bernt: 6,6!! 2,4 0,7 0,7

Håvard: 0,7 0,7

Total: 77,6 kg

Birthday breakfast for Bernt: Pancakes!

Birthday breakfast for Bernt: Pancakes!

Håvard wants to test out his flyfishing skills

Bernt's second biggest lake trout - 6,6kg

Trout dinner

Trout dinner

The chef

The chef


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