From Sled Lake to Stark Lake – Northwest Territories, Canada

1st August

We got awoken abruptly at 4am by Kaisa growling and barking. The drowsiness wore off in a second when adrenalin shot trough our veins as we heard a heavy animal moving outside. In pure reflex I jumped to my knees while simultaneously grabbing the shotgun we slept with inside the inner tent. Shouting loudly and leading a cartridge into the chamber of the pump action gun, we could hear the animal moving away fast. I ran out of the tent in my boxers, ignoring the thousand mosquitoes that went nuts being presented with this gracious gift. Fifteen meters from the tent I could see a startled moose cow running into the river. Confused by the unfamiliar ruckus she paused in the middle, not remembering which way she was supposed to take.

One part of me was relived that it was not a bear, and another disappointed. Entering the tent again, with close to a million fresh mosquito bites, Bernt gave me combination of a curios and sullen look. He of course wanted to get a update on what had been moving outside, but felt sore about my comment: “Stay with the dogs!” as I ran out.

We had been camping on an island because we believed it would be good way to avoid to much animal traffic close to our food, but this episode thought us that islands on rivers actually are preferred transfer points for wading animals.

If it was the nightly episode or just plain laziness, we overslept the following morning and canceled our plans of canoeing down Snowdrift close to Siltaza Lake. The day was used to oiling up the shotguns. Preparing the two Canada gooses for dinner, sleeping, reading, and concluding that both my and Bernt’s Gore Tex boots had started taking in water.

Camp duties

Camp duties


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