From Sled Lake to Stark Lake – Northwest Territories, Canada

16th July – The Breakout

Bad weather kept us on the island most of the day. Strong wind and rain fell on us from time to time, but we managed to get the canoe out for some trolling around the island.

Kaisa had until now refused to eat fish, but finally she got the taste for it. It eased our minds, since we were concerned about the amount of dog food we had brought.

When night came and the wind and rain looked to subside, we tried to move camp, but got no further than 2,5 km before the bad weather caught up with us. We found shelter on a new island, but it was inhabited by large amounts of hungry mosquitoes. Trying to spare the dogs from the bloodthirsty bugs, we put them in the tent, while we looked after our gear and prepared the evening caught fish. It was a stupid mistake. The dogs, too restless to stay in the tent, and eager to see what their masters were up to, broke trough the thin mosquito netting, leaving a big hole. We pulled our hairs in despair (mostly me, because Bernt’s starting to get pretty thin on the top), and understood that we had hours of needle and tread work ahead of us.

Fish caught:

Bernt: 3,4 1,4

Håvard: 0,6 3,1

Total: 25,5

Canoing can be booring for a pointer.

Trout caught

It´s not the measles, just the black flies...

Another lucky fella...

Sometimes they come in pairs

Canoeing at the and of the day, give you some nice views

Trying to fix the damages the dogs did to the mosquito netting.

All stitched up...


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