From Sled Lake to Stark Lake – Northwest Territories, Canada

15th July

Only 4,6 kilometers were canoed this day. Swam and relaxed before we started the paddling. We found camp on an island near Spruce Point. Trolling on the way I caught a nice 2,5 kilos trout.

My boots had started to get small openings on the side, where the sole connected to the leather. Tried to glue it, but it turned out to be a hopeless project. I resigned, aware that this would become the beloved boots last adventure.  So far they still kept my feet dry.

Reading the map, we talked about the next leg. The large lake could be challenging to canoe, if the wind decided to work against us. At some places, there would be several kilometers to land, if we took the shortest route.

The island was great, and from the campfire on the top of it, we watched the sunset in a night free from bugs.

Fish caught:

Bernt: 0

Håvard: 2,5

Total: 17


Bernt and Linc enjoying the sunset.



Dinner soon served



Sunset at Spruce Point, Eileen Lake, NWT



The chef



Kaisa and Linc, our best friends in the wild.



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