From Sled Lake to Stark Lake – Northwest Territories, Canada

13th July – Rest

This day turned out to be the hottest of our days in the bush. No wind and a high sun, drove us into the water. T-shirt, boxer and cap were on while swimming, so that we could wear the wet clothes on land to keep us cool. I was for a while actually worried about getting a sunstroke. But the water was perfect, far from cold and crystal clear, making the many swims a pleasant relief.

The day was used relaxing, sunbathing and mending gear. Our boots needed wax, the dogs tracksuits needed sewing (I surprised myself by being quite good with the needle) and the canoe got some extra layers of canvas glued on at both bows.

The evening was used trolling around our island, and we finally got to know the large Canadian lake trout. I had just caught a fairly sized one, when Bernt hooked a 3,6 kilos lake trout. It fought for a good fifteen minutes, before we could get it into the canoe. Amazed by the size of the trout, we continued trolling, and only minutes later, Bernt got contact again. His reel whined and a good fifty meters out we could not believe what our eyes saw. A tail larger that we’ve ever seen rolled in the water. I yelled, hitting the dogs in pure excitement. Telling them to lay down – even though they were perfectly still. The fish dragged us around on the lake, and it took Bernt another long fifteen minutes before the largest trout we ever laid our eyes on rolled exhausted by the canoe. The fish was too large to get a good grip on from the canoe, and we paddled to shore. Slipping on the rocks I carried the trout on land, killing it with the paddle. It weight was 6,7 kilo.

Fish caught:

Bernt: 3,6 6,7

Håvard: 1,2

Total: 13,1


Kaisa seeking shelter from the bugs, but still want to know whats going on outside the tent.



Taking care of the boots




Lake trout from Sled Creek



Washing dishes



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