From Sled Lake to Stark Lake – Northwest Territories, Canada

10th July – Sled Creek

We awoke and it was a beautiful day, though the wind still gave the lake waves heavy enough to concern us. We ate breakfast and built our packable Ally canoe on the beach, where the small plane left us the day before.

Kaisa and Lincoln ran up and down the beach, chasing birds with enormous amounts of excess energy, built up over several days of transportation from Norway. It took a couple of days before they finally understood that the stay in the wild would be a longer than usual, and they relaxed a bit – not so eager to burn all their energy at once.

We got our canoe ready and collected most of the gear for a test run in the bay around the beach. The canoe got packed to the rim, but it floated. With just enough clearing to be passed as a safe transportation, we cleared the camp and headed for the out spring of Sled Creed on the west end of Sled Lake.

Sled Creek started with a small rapid, too shallow to canoe. By walking in the river beside the canoe, with a rope attached in each end, we took it down the rapid. This is called “Lining” in Norwegian, and I will call it that from now on, because i cant find the English therm for it.

In the evening we got to a point in the river where it turned hard north after floating calmly west from the out spring at Sled Lake. We set up camp there for the night at a peninsula that turned out to be a mosquito hive. We got our campsite ready in a hurry and dived into the tent for shelter as soon as a evening meal of  oat was consumed.

The dogs where dressed in stylish red “tracksuits”, that we had brought to keep the bugs off them. These suits have a fabric similar to running tights, and are designed to keep snow from sticking to their hairs while hunting in wintertime. Though there obvious was no snow on the tundra at this time, the suits were good as protection against the blood hungry bugs. Though at this evening, the massive amount of mosquitoes managed to drive the dogs close to crazy, and they could not wait to get into the safe haven of the tent.


Sled Creek

Sled Creek



Kaisa in her suit at Sled Creek

Kaisa in her suit at Sled Creek



Rest in Sled Creek

Rest in Sled Creek



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